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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Election, my thoughts and opinions.

Warning! DON"T READ THIS IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ ABOUT CHANGE. Political change. Life changes. My opinion. I repeat, MY OPINION!

I am writing this post after reading several other posts and comments around the internet.

Some one asked me about the 1977 peanut farmer, he was generic, the stumbler was benign, the actor was awesome, senior shrub started the New World Order (or at least revived it), the unfaithful one, slick willie, was a pawn like all the others, junior shrub a disappointment, and............

The election is over. I am not a prophet. But in a post on Nauvoo on April 7, 2008 I said this, "Oboma will be the next president and he will become the anti-christ."

I also posted Tuesday on Nauvoo and said this, ‘It’’s vote day. In another thread, a nationwide fast was encouraged. Fasting and praying can give us inspiration on who the Lord wants us to vote for. Another thread asked if God chooses the president (or a dictator or king, etc). He may very well do that. Let's say that He wants to bring about a prophesy. He influences people to vote for a man of Muslim decent who has enough charisma to bring about world peace and start the beginning of the end. Or He wants to wait awhile longer. And He has us vote for the opposite. When I get to the polls will my hand with the stylus be directed to the proper hole?’

The old POW didn’t have a chance. The strategy of Oboma was brilliant. The polls are by the Dems, and are in our faces multiple times each day we looked at a paper or the Drudge Report. He went to Iraq, like he was he pres. He chose his cabinet, like he was the pres. He had the money.

OSC wrote a book, "Treasure Box", where a group of people picked smart youth and groomed them for public office. This is what they did. They, the super rich who really run this country. (Read Skousen’s "The Naked Capitalist") (No, crash, this is not nudity.) And provided the money. From where, you research it.

You now probably think this old boat guy is an old crack pot. I’m just venting like the navel gazer did. OBG to OCP. HeHe

I’m not upset by the election. I quit being upset by elections when tricky dick was re-elected. I’m looking forward to the future. Give me death or give me the millennium. Either one will be a painful and/or wonderful experience. Painful in what happens before, wonderful to go through it.

The youth, and I mean up to 50 or 60, don’t want the millennium yet. I want it. I was disappointed when Bruce’s prediction of the year 2000 plus or minus 3 years did not happen. "The Millennial Messiah"

"The Mark of the Beast" will be a hard thing to endure. Can’t buy or sell anything. Can’t pay the property taxes. How do we keep our homes? We give them to the Church. I’ll gladly leave my 4000 square foot home for two rooms somewhere else. That’s all I need. Some one else with a big family will move in. Some one will farm my farm. I will go back to work as a mechanic or carpenter and then I can go to the store house and get what I need. I’ll even give up my boat, without being able to ride in it again, and the Church can sell it and use the precedes to help the greater cause.

Or maybe all of my family will come and live with me, and fill the house.

There is a place for almost every hobby and profession during the Law of Consecration. No police, no lawyers, no politicians, no health care needed. No bad guys, all good guys. All repentant good guys. We don’t have to be perfect. Just being honest with our fellow man/woman.

If it doesn’t happen now, it will happen sometime in the future. Almost all prophesies are fulfilled. The story of Jonah comes to mind. It is one that didn’t, because Nineveh listed to him and repented. So I pray everyday for peace in the world. I would love to have a gentler soulution to the out come.

I love this country. I love the Lord and His Church. I love my family. We can endure it.

Unlike navel gazer, I am leaving the comments open. I can take it. Can you?


Heidi Ashworth said...

Boat Guy, I am afraid to say too much because I don't want to open myself up to critics (unlike brave you) but I thought you might enjoy the video Glen Beck did that implies (key word, implies for those who know what to look for) that he feels Obama is the anti-christ. I don't have the link but you can no doubt find it easily if you want to see it.

Pat said...

Thanks for your post. It is interesting to read from someone who has lived through many other political crisis.

I'm with you, I am totally ready for the second coming. Not that I think I am perfect by any measure, but I am done with this messed up world we live in.

OldBoatGuy said...

Thanks, Heidi. I don't know who was first, but I said it 6 months ago. I've had e-mails forewarded from my brother-in-law about other people implying the same thing.

Pat, just so we are climbing the ladder at the time. Bye the way, I forgot to tell your parents about my blog. I showed them the boat pictures at Megan's baptizm, could you give them the address? Thanks for your support. I expect to get some flak.

Laura said...

Hope right.. isn't it all about HOPE.. people don't humble themselves until things get bad... so having some bad times aren't always... a bad thing... does that make sense? The time to be passive though- I believe has past.. if you are Christian.. you can't just quietly walk through life just trying to be a peacemaker and not cause waves. I feel it is time to stand up - and speak up.
There's still hope.
can you take it?
(I loved that! Old Boat Guy)

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Amen, OCP!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Hi again!

That was so funny how you said I can take it, can you?

I was kinda bummed that Navel Gazer turned her comment box off too.

I think old boat guys have thicker skin than navel gazers though. Plus she just stoned in the public square for lying to the whole bloggernacle. She's still nursing her wounds.

OldBoatGuy said...

She also deleted it. My thick skin came from all that sanding. But I haven't posted that chapter yet.