This is a story of a Restoration

I restored this boat from April 2006 to October 2008. You will need to go to the very bottom, October 2008, to find the biginning. See blog archive on the right side.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I’m thankful for.......

I am thankful for the beauty of this world. It’s beauty helps over shadow the unpleasant things we see and hear.

I’m thankful for mornings, waking up in a new day is so wonderful. I wake up happy, and ready for the day’s challenges.

I’m thankful when the wind doesn’t blow, but I still enjoy the day, even if it rains or blows.

I’m thankful for evenings, especially calm summer evenings, when I can sit on the patio and watch the evening slip away into dusk, listen to the birds as they settle in for the night, and relax with my cat on my lap.

I love beautiful colorful sunrises and sunsets, tall billowing cumulus clouds, deep blue skies. The patter of rain, the rustling of leaves and branches in a soft breeze. Birds reeling through the sky, bunnies hoping around my yard.

I love spring, when the trees wake up and the tiny little leaves start to come out. I love when the robins come back. The world is renewed each spring.

I love hot summer days, watching the crops grow and mature, promising food for a hungry world. And warm water for boating.

I love fall, when the colors come out and the geese head south.

I love the beauty of winter, and the frozen frost on the trees, the white of a new snow fall, how it softens the earth.

I am thankful for all the good and wonderful things that have been invented, to make my life easier. For warm or cool cozy cars, good roads, computers, refrigerators, heating systems.

I am thankful I was born in this era, after the hard part of living, and before the hard part of living.

Most of all, I am thankful for life. For living in this free, even if it is a troubled, USA. For a Heavenly Father who loves me and helps me down the road of life. For my family; sons, daughters and grand children, who love me and are concerned for my welfare.

I am thankful. Happy ThanksGiving!

Love, Dad, Grand Dad, and Friend