This is a story of a Restoration

I restored this boat from April 2006 to October 2008. You will need to go to the very bottom, October 2008, to find the biginning. See blog archive on the right side.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is her birthday. I wanted her to be my Valentine from the very first night I saw her on that dance floor in September, 1963. At first she was very cautious. She didn’t remember me the next week. (I think she did, but didn’t want to act too excited!!) It took me two months to get a date. She gave me all kinds of excuses, chances for me to back off. She had five kids. No problem. She was on probation. Huh? (She was a widow going thru probate court.) But I didn’t let up on her. Finally I could come to her home for Sunday dinner and meet her children. Now, today, her children are my best friends and my most favorite people. It was in November, 1963.

I courted her a year and two months before we got engaged on Christmas day 1964. We planned our wedding for July 12, 1965. We went on a two week honeymoon thru Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington and back home to Idaho.

Then we had 42 years, 2 months and 5 days together. I’ll admit that ever day was not a honeymoon, we had our problems. She had to forgive me 70 times 7. But they were good years. I helped raise her children and we had a beautiful child of our own. Then 21 grandchildren, 17 greatgrandchildren.

She got a teaching degree and taught 5th grade for 27 years. She held many Church positions and worked beside me in the Temple for 15 years. She endured the lose of a son and a daughter, her parents and two siblings.

When she left me for a better place September 17, 2007, I was numb for awhile. And I didn’t know how much I really loved her, until she after was gone.

I hated to let her go. But she was in so much pain. When I realized that she was gone, I didn’t dare touch her or talk to her for a few minutes, I was afraid that I may wake her up, because she didn’t want to stay. I wonder if she watched me hesitate. She came back and talked to two of her daughters and let us know how much she loved us, that the Gospel is True, and that it was time for her to go.

She was born February 14, 1933 to a poor but hansom mechanic father and a beautiful housewife mother in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Lived 56 years in the same house. As the area grew, she belonged to 3 stakes and 3 wards, and never moved. She had 2 acres of beautiful yard and flowers. She loved her children first; her home, yard and flowers second; her cat third; and then me. She is now "Heavens Master Gardener".

I love you Darlene, my Sweetheart, my Valentine. 'Til we meet again.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Boat is Entered

My boat, THE OTHER WOMAN is entered in the Lake Tahoe Wooden Boat Show. It is called the Concours d’Elegance. It is held in June 2009 from 18th to 21st, Thursday thru Sunday. The boat must be in the harbor of the Sierra Boat Company, Carnelian Bay, Ca (north shore) on Thursday. It will be judged on Friday or Saturday. Saturday evening is a barbeque dinner, and they will announce the winners. Sunday afternoon at 2 PM, the peoples choice award will be given, and we all "roar" out into the lake, and then I’ll go home.

Wish me luck, but really, I am one of 75 other boats just as beautiful as mime. It will be fun just being there.